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June 6

     Refrigerate your breads, pancakes, or muffins to make them last longer? If you do here is a tip to help revive them post hibernation. Put your baked good in the microwave with a cup of water. Not only will the water help to moisten the item, but it will also help reduce the amount of time needed for cooking.


June 5

     Clogged drain? Try pouring a 1/4 of a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Cover tightly and allow the chemical reaction do the dirty work. For extremely clogged drains it may be necessary to repeat the above steps one or two times.


June 4

     Here is a tip dealing with vinegar which I would have never thought of. If your pet has a run in with a skunk add some of this amazing cure-all to their bath and smell the scent fade away. 


June 3

     Have a bumper sticker you don't want sticking around? Spray some diluted vinegar on it and kiss that sticker good bye. Not literally. 


June 1-2

     Just like your dishwasher vinegar can also clean out your washer and your coffee maker. Just add a cup to your rinse cycle and brighten your clothes while you clean. As for the coffee maker. Just run a pot with a water vinegar mix every once in a while and don't forget to run a second pot of just water to rinse.


May 31

      Another laundry tip using the wonder cleaner vinegar. Soaking whites in vinegar will help bring back their whiteness. (However, do not mix with bleach. It causes a potentially deadly compound.)


May 30

     Want an effective and cost efficient stain remover? That is right, vinegar.Works on stains caused by mustard, ketchup, tomato sauce, grass and underarm deodorants.


May 28-29

     Since I have two tips for you I have decided to combine days. Ever hear anyone swear that vinegar can do just about anything? While it may not be able to cover all your bases, it will still save you tons with its multipurpose functionality. Starting with the last tip I posted I will be exploring vinegars handiness.
     If you have an automatic dishwasher the following two tips are for you. One: Substitute your rinsing agent with our secret weapon and see your dishes shine. Two: When you are done being amazed at how your glassware sparkles let the vinegar take your dishwasher for a spin. Every once in a while (the harder your water the more often you will need to do this) pour a cup of white vinegar in your empty dishwasher and run it on the short cycle. When it is finished the soap build-up and lime will be history. Happy Cleaning!

May 26-27

     There will be no Tip Of The Day this weekend. Enjoy your holiday!


May 25

     Today's tip comes from my sister.  

     Homemade pesticide- Mix dish soap, basil and hot water in a spray bottle. Allow to steep until warm then coat the plants. Wait for a half hour to an hour then spray with clean warm to lukewarm water.


May 24

     Okay, I will admit it. I shed. But then so does everyone else. And, just like everyone else I hate it when the shedding tries to take over my clothes. If this sounds familiar try throwing one to two balls of aluminum foil in your dryer and enjoy the bald look; for your clothes that is.


May 23

     The heat is on. At least it feels like it. Looking for a way to feel as cool as you already are? Here is your answer. Mint! Add it to your lemonade, tea, baked goods, and even your ice cream. So, enjoy your summer treats and allow them to beat the heat for you.


May 22

     I bumped into this idea by accident today when trying to see if I could find an easy way to reupholster a chair I saved and since so many people, just about everyone I know in fact, live in apartments I thought it would be a great thing to share. Hope you enjoy this step by step guide to removable fabric wallpaper. 


May 18-21

     First I would like to appologize for the absence of tips during the past few days. I was tied up cleaning my apartment top to bottom, planning, decorating, shopping, prep-ing, etc. for a birthday party my sister and I threw for our mom. 

Picture of the cake. (We did make our own decorations, but none of the photos turned out. )


     Being that I am still exhausted from last weeks activities I will just post a DIY tip link I found rather interesting.

     Also, I would just like to remind you that if there is anything you want me to look into for you just let me know. (Such as "Does Cleopatra's famous milk and honey bath really work?" or "What is a good flour substitute when going gluten free?") And, if any of you have a tip you would like to share, feel free!


May 17

     I have a strange fetish with makeup. I always want to try new looks, however, I do not always have the time to since I cannot wear makeup to work. Although my childhood upbringing to save money is always screaming in my head. This has led me to a few brands that allow me to satisfy both desires. E.L.F. is one of those brands. Aside from their makeup I like the fact that they have inexpensive tips on their website. Here is one such tip.

Dark Circles
Take 2 teabags that you have already used put them in the freezer until they are cold (30 mins) then put them on your eyes use this tip daily and watch your dark circles fade away bring these teabags to use instead of wasting them.


May 16

     Coffee stained cups littering your cabinet? Give them a good rub down with salt and enjoy the just like new look again!


May 15

     Growing up I had the worst case of static cling. As it turns out to cure this affliction you just apply a safety pin to the hem of the item that is trying to relocate itself and no more wandering bottoms! ... If only I had known sooner. Oh, well. Thus is the life of a 5 year old in tights.


May 14

     I don't know about you but I find I tend to utilize ice packs a lot. However, I often find that either the ice is too chunky or the gel just is not quiet as cool. Here is a little recipe that should do the trick. Fill a ziploc freezer bag one fourth of the way with rubbing alcohol and the rest with water. Allow to freeze. Then use as normal. Keep in mind that the alcohol does not allow the water to fully freeze. Hope you feel better soon!


May 13

     Enjoy exercising your mind? Cinnamon can help. It encourages brain activity and fights memory loss. So, feel free to add some to your coffee in the morning or pastry.


May 12

     First I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers (or mothers-to-be) out there.

     There has always been those bar soaps I wish I could have as a liquid soap. For me they tend to be from Yardley. Here is a recipe to do just that. (Thanks to Savvy Housekeeping.)


May 11

     Love fluffy things? Especially fluffy pillows? It is very disheartening when those much loved fluffy pillows become flat. Throw them in the dryer with some tennis balls and problem solved. Pleasant dreams!


May 10

     I know I have been posting a lot of tips about how to pamper yourself so, here is one for your dog. Put one cup of plain uncooked oatmeal into the blender and grind down to a powder, mix the powder in the bath water until fully dissolved, then gently rinse your loyal companion in the water. Do not rinse off the oatmeal, it will dry to calm and prevent any itchiness they might feel.


May 9

     Being that my mom's birthday is coming up the subject of cake has presented itself. Now, I am not a big fan of icing, but I know that the majority of the universe would disagree with me on this topic. This normally leads to me having to do a bit of research before decorating any cake. Does the recipient like their icing thick, fluffy, etc.? Well, if you are looking for a way to appease a large number of icing lovers here is a tip for you. Prior to spreading it on the cake, mix the sugary topping with a hand mixer for a few mins. Not only will this technique make the icing fluffy, but it will also cut back on the caloric intake by not having to use as much to cover the surface. Plus, as an added bonus, that means you have more icing to work with. Have fun decorating!


May 8

     Wanting to get into shape? The Daily Green recommends this helpful hint. 

     Instead of costly, and potentially harmful, energy drinks and performance-enhancing products, eat some oatmeal before you exercise. British researchers found that oatmeal can help increase endurance when eaten about three hours before working out. There's also some evidence that oats help the body burn fat more quickly, and some doctors have noted that a diet rich in them may help prevent cancer.   (The Daily Green)


May 7

     Still working on that bathroom? White vinegar and baking soda to the rescue! The foam that results from mixing the two will remove any dirt and grim you can throw at it. This mix can even take out those bothersome toilet stains. (Be sure to rinse very well or it will result in a chalky white residue.) Happy cleaning!


May 6

     Hard water spots making an appearance in your bathroom? Clean them up by rubbing a half of a lemon on them. Ta-da!


May 5

     Fresh flowers. I love them, but they just don't seem to last. There are a few answers to this problem. You could stir in one Asprin or a tablespoon of Sprite or 7up with the water. However, sometimes these things are not readily available. But do not fret, if that is the case then a few drops of bleach will do the trick. It helps to fight off the bacteria in the water that causes the stems to rot. So, this spring enjoy as many flowers as you would like without worring about them wilting too quickly.


May 4

    My boyfriend and I have decided to start trying to eat healthier. While for both of us this means a somewhat different diet, we are looking for new ways to cut out all the "bad" stuff in food; fat included. This led to the question of cakes, cookies, crepes, etc.; which we both love. We obviously would not be eating them all the time, but did find that using applesauce instead of oil when baking will cut down on the fat. So, for all of you healthy eaters out there, and those of you just looking for something different to try, this is a recipe to try.  (From personal experience, I think it is a welcoming touch to spice cake.)

     Also, if any of you would like me to post some healthy recipes as well do let me know.


May 3

     The bugs have arrived and that means it is the time of the year in which people like me are a walking buffet to the insect world. This being so, I recently heard about this homemade deet-free bug repellant that I am dying to try after all the raves it has been getting. If any of you decide to test it out as well I would love to hear your comments on how it worked for you. Here is to enjoying the great outdoors!

  • 25 drops essential oil (lavender, peppermint, rose, etc.)
May 2

     Madly in love with strawberries? I am. Dream about having whiter teeth? That's right; you can use strawberries to whiten your smile. Just slice one of those amazing berries in half, rub it across your teeth, wait for about five to ten minutes while fighting the temptation to lick off the juice; and finish by brushing your teeth as normal. Do this once or twice a week to achieve that crisp white look.


May 1

     While on this pampering yourself kick why not discuss the ever relaxing herbal bath. A good way of achieving this at home spa treatment is to fill a hole-less nylon sock with 1/2 to 1 cup of herbs; a good way to put that mate-less sock to use. There are plenty of items you can use to drift off to bliss. The following are just a few. Feel free to create any combination of your favorite bath supplements for whatever you effect you desire. 

     1. Oatmeal - Helps soothe sunburn, rashes, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and will also soften your skin.

     2. Sage/Rosemary - Lifts spirits, calms, and even clears acne.

     3.  Peppermint - Energizes.

     4. Chamomile - Nerishes skin while relaxing the muscles.

     5. Green Tea - Energizes, heals, and balances your skin and your mood. 

     6. Lavender - Combats mental and physical fatigue.

     7. Orange Peel - Clears the skin and the senses.


 April 30

     Tired of blackheads? Do I have the answer for you. 

      1. Mix one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin with one and a half tablespoons of milk in a microwave save bowel.

     2. Heat for ten seconds.

     3. Gently coat your skin with the mixture.

     4. Let set until it is dry and stiff. This takes about thirty minutes.

     5. Carefully peel off the mask and kiss those blackheads goodbye!


April 29

     Looking for more ways to pamper yourself on a dime? For thicker, stronger, and more voluminous hair try adding a teaspoon of gelatin to your shampoo; remember the more shampoo, the more gelatin you will need.


April 28

     Whether it is for a girls night or you are having some alone time try this handy tip for your nails. For healthy strong nails soak them for two minutes in a 1/2 oz of clear flavorless gelatin that has been boiled in 1 cup of water. Be sure to stir thoroughly. To store this mixture it is best to pour it into a tightly fitted glass jar. (Can be safely stashed for up to two months.) 


April 27

    For that brighter look to your skin try adding lime juice to your body scrub. The salt and vitamin c in the juice cleanse your body of dead skin providing you with that radiant look.


April 26

     Spring is here and for a lot of us that means it is time to give our homes a good scrub. With that said why not try this helpful hint for your microwave. Mix three tablespoons of lime juice with water and bring to a boil in your unit. This will take care of that filthy food residue just like your normal house hold cleaning products, only this remedy is far healthier!


April 25

     Sore throat from allergies this season? Try drinking some tea with lime juice and honey; and soon you will be able to enjoy the season like it you are meant to. 


April 24

    The weather is warming up and that means the return of the bugs. So, keep in mind next time you get attacked by a mosquito that rubbing lime on the bites helps to stop the itching. It is said this particular fruit also helps with coral stings.


April 23

     Since we all know just how troubling headaches can be I figured I would share this handy tip before the week gets any further and the pains of stress try to take hold. 

     While you are relaxing that headache away try placing slices of lime on your forehead or anything other tension area of the face. It is said to lessen the pain of the average throb. As an added bonus this is also a good remedy for fevers. So, here's to good health!


April 22

   To complete our series on the benefits of coffee let us turn this time to the actual drink. That last bit of coffee left in the bottom of every pot can help your garden grow. Yes, that is right, some of your plants love the rich caffeinated pass time as much as you do. Azaleas, gardenias, hydrangeas, roses, rhododendrons, and blueberries are among a few. Some have said that even carrots and strawberries seem to grow bigger when given a cup o' joe of their own.  So, next time you make a pot for yourself, do not forget to give a jolt to you plants as well. 

     However, if you find your coffee to be good to the last drop but still want to spread the love, adding the used grounds to the soil will help just the same.   


April 21

      Just adore pets but don't want to deal with the fleas? Well, coffee is here to save the day, again! Take those used grounds and rub them into your fuzzy friend's fur after their flea bath. Not only will it boost the effectiveness of the treatment, but it will also give them a softer coat; which is always a plus.

April 20

     Notice a distinct smell that greets you at the door only to find the culprit to be your garbage disposal? Fix this problem with your favorite fix. Boil about 5 cups of water. When your water is ready, dump a half a cup of coffee grounds down the drain to be immediately followed by the water and vuala! Do this once a week and do not let your drains take over your home anymore.


April 19

   Ever look at a cup o' joe and wish you could fill your life with that rich welcoming brown? Well, you can. Secure your grounds in a filter and soak them in a cup of hot water for five to ten minutes. You can use this mixture for fabric, paper, and even brown furniture

     Want to make this color a little more personal? Between shampooing and conditioning take the grounds and massage them into your hair to give it a color boost. (Not recommended for blondes. Sorry.)


April 18

     Ants dropping by unannounced and just will not leave? Why not invite them for some coffee. Ants avoid coffee due to its acidity. Just dry out your used grounds and sprinkle them on the unwanted guests' path. 

     If it is an ant hill that is bugging you try topping it once a day for a week with the grounds and it will send them packing. 

     This also works with those unwanted stray cats that love to rearrange your garden. Spread some of natures secret weapon on the edges of the flower bed and those nosy felines will steer clear of your prize florals.   


April 17

     Coffee grounds work wonders for your skin. The caffeine helps to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite. Listed below are a few ideas on how to get that expensive look for less. Enjoy!

 Homemade Body Scrub
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/8 cup aloe vera oil 
  • freshly used coffee grounds
Or for a more simplified version.
  • 2 cups of coarsely ground coffee
  • 1/2 cup of raw sugar or sea salt
  • 2-3 tablespoons of massage or olive oil
Mix ingredients together to form a pasty cream and rub all over body including the face.  

Coffee Lovers Face Mask
  • 3 tablespoons of used coffee
  • small cup of milk
Mix together using just enough milk to saturate the grounds, but not make a runny goo. Avoiding the eyes and lips, massage into face and neck. Let set for 20 minutes. After the mask has done its job rinse, gently pat dry, and moisturize.

For an extra exfoliate add some egg whites, still being sure to not allow the mixture to become liquid.


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