Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moss Pots!

The long overdue tutorial for the moss pots is here! Please excuse the photos. I was using my old phone to snap some shots, at night, and well, lets just say they are less than worthy of Better Homes and Gardens.

(Instead of the "Welcome" mushroom, I have added small rabbit lawn ornaments to the pots in my living room.)
Alright, let's get the show on the road.

Items needed:
 1. Sheet moss
 2. Soil (I used top soil as moss tends to like the dirt cheap.)
 3. Sand
 4. Pot/Container
 5. Any type of decor you wish.

1. Line the base of the container with sand.
2. Mix remaining sand and some soil together and add as your second layer.
3. Top off with more soil. At this point you can set up some "terrain" if you wish. (I.E. dips, curves, hills, you know...)
4. Water the soil until moist.
5. Add your moss. Remember to press it into the dirt a little to help it adhere.
6. Finish with your decor.

Enjoy and don't forget to water! I found that using a spray bottle to moisten the moss works well.